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A little info about us

Just in case you would like to know.....

A lttle bit About our​ Chef​

    Backwoods Chef Eddie is the creator of 3Bs pub jerky. He was as a U.S. Army paratrooper  having served during the Cold war era defending a border with the 11th ACR from a possible threat. Growing up in the Backwoods and hunting in his home state of Virginia, He became an avid hunter following traditional Native American ways of hunting building natural blinds, hunting from trees, or stalking his prey. Whitetail deer and wild turkey were his favorite choices for jerky. All meat was harvested and not wasted.

With the harvest of those hunts, the earliest jerky recipes were created which have evolved into the recipes we use with our beef jerky today.

Backwoods Chef Eddie has been known to create delicious meals that have been shared on Facebook and Instagram

Look for: #BackwoodsChefEddie #3bspubjerky #FuelForTheDuel



On Facebook and Instagram.​​

A little bit About our Logo....

3bs Pub Logo was created from Eddie's " Family Crest", which originated in Ireland and comes from "The Village of churches" Our heritage proudly carries on still today in The 3Bs Pub Jerky Logo.

  Some people may wonder, "What does 3Bs mean in the logo?"

     3Bs is where life comes together.

With the perfect Babe for you,

the perfect beer or brew for you

or the perfect burger or "BEEF" for you!

    Which of course is the #FuelForThe Duel....Backwoods Chef Eddie's #3bspubjerky

​The Jerky we make!

Our Story

Backwoods Chef Eddie has  perfected his jerky recipes for over 30 years.

After many years of making venison jerky in his youth.

Eddie created 3Bs Pub Jerky

made from U.S.D.A.approved premium beef cuts that we all have grown to love.

Our Process

Our jerky is hand carved primarily from premium cuts of London Broil beef. After the meat is cut, we cure it for a minimum 24 hour period. This process locks in the great flavor 3Bs pub jerky is known for. All cuts are then seasoned and dried to perfection. Our signature Backwoods Chef Eddie  3Bs Pub Jerky is then sealed in an zip-lok resealable, air-tight,  window view foil bag or shipped in pound increments. 


Our Team

If you want the best, Order the best!

Backwoods Chef Eddie 

The Mastermind

The jerky


Kristian K-man


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