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 Backw​oods Chef  Eddie's                 3Bs Pub Jerky

  Welcome to Backwoods Chef Eddie's Jerky.

         Backwoods Chef Eddie-“3Bs Pub Jerky” is a Veteran family owned business.

   We continuously strive to provide excellent gourmet beef jerky that is like no other. ​

      Most people say our jerky is amazing!!! 

  Our beef jerky could pair nicely with your favorite drinks and provides a healthy snack packed full of energy. 


We are a Veteran owned company. Please help support our Veteran owned family business.​

Alan Deogracias

I tried this jerky on Lake Powell Arizona and it was amazing.

Glenn Pinchback

Charlottesville, VA

WOW! No Joke!  That is some of the best jerky I've ever tasted!  After all I DO consider Myself a Connoisseur, LOL!  It is a great product you have there, and I'll be ordering more in the near future!  Thanks Again

Tina D.

Eddie! You amaze me! The jerky was the BEST!  I only had a small taste, because my son took the last piece from my hand as it was headed towards my mouth, LOL

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